These courses examine the complex science on electromagnetic radiation and human health

Explore a comprehensive yet thorough introduction to the field of Electromagnetic Radiation, and its relationship to the creation and maintenance of healthy homes, schools, and workplaces. Discover the various types of EMR, their unique properties, and the different effects on human biology. Learn some ways to reduce exposure and minimize harm.

Though the term sounds rather scientific, electromagnetic radiation is an integral part of our everyday living environment and affects human biology in many ways. Electromagnetic energies come in many different forms ranging from natural sources including sunshine, UV radiation and the earth’s magnetic field and from man-made sources such as power lines, cellular phones and microwave ovens. They have a physiological effect on brain wave patterns, heart beats and nerve signals.

This course will discuss the following:

  • Basic Physical Properties: Some basic laws and properties of electromagnetism and radiation are reviewed to introduce the student to the fundamental units and workings necessary for understanding the complex nature of interactions between electromagnetic radiation and living organisms.
  • Sources and Causes: Common sources of electromagnetic radiation in our living environment are presented, specifying their general causes, distribution patterns and field characteristics.
  • Biological Effects: Known biological effects caused by electromagnetic radiation as well as suspected ones are discussed.
  • Some General Recommendations: Recommendations for how to reduce or eliminate one’s exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation in our living environment.

Successful completion of this course conveys 20 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs), and/or 20 credit hours toward IBE certification. It is comprised of five lessons, and can be read online as well as downloaded as a PDF. The tuition is $135 USD.

This course is designed to prepare you for the IBE 212 Electromagnetic Radiation seminar, and completion with a score of 70% or better is a prerequisite for course attendance.

This EMR course is designed to get you ready for the IBE 212 EMR seminar, and completion with a score of 70% or better is a prerequisite for course attendance.

Topics include impacts on health, analog and digital radio frequency, thermal effect, non-thermal effect, high and low frequencies, scientific research, environmental solutions.

It took twenty years after modern cell phones hit the market before a billion of them were in use, in 2004. But after that, it only took eighteen months to reach the second billion. Nine months later, three billion were in use, and only six months after that there were four billion cell phones. And the world is already showing the early signs of an epidemic of brain cancer. Those who avoid the tragedy of brain cancer may find themselves battling other health problems, major and minor, such as headaches and dizziness, Alzheimer’s disease, autism and even impotence. But a worsening future is preventable. If enough people demand change, and act to make change, then change will happen. It is the only way change has ever come about.

Topics include types of monitors, connections systems (wired versus wireless), types of radiation emitted, research on health effects, how to minimize undesirable radiation.

The joy of becoming a parent can rarely be compared to any other but often comes with the  worry of wellbeing of the baby, especially during the moments when a parent is not able to directly supervise the newborn. This very fear inspired the creation of baby monitors. Today’s market is saturated with varieties of systems that offer baby monitoring not just audible and visual, but tracking of baby’s temperature, movement, breathing and more. However, the majority of these tools comes at a high price of exposing babies to electromagnetic radiation. Consumers are not informed of the kinds of electromagnetic fields that the infant is exposed to while the monitor is on. This course will provide you with all the information you need with which to make wise choices and provide wise suggestions.